Using SSH to delete Wordfence.tmp files on Siteground Web Hosting

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If your Siteground hosting account seems larger than it should be and you’re using Wordfence then Wordfence.tmp files could be causing the problem. Since Siteground moved away from CPanel to Site Tools removing these files is more tricky, a lot more tricky!

Please note, these instructions are for my own reference – so please refer to the official notes on the Siteground website. I’d also recommend speaking to Siteground support as sometimes they’ll do this for you and remove the unwanted Wordfence.tmp files.

Important – only do this if you know what you’re doing!
– if in doubt please contact Siteground Support

Using SSH to access your website on Siteground Web Hosting

01. Login to Website on Siteground
02. Go to SiteTools – Devs / SSH Keys Manager
03. Generate SSH Key – Create Key Name and Password
04. Make a note of the SSH Credentials
05. Once SSH Key is created, select Private Key
06. Copy Private Key to Notepad and save as a private_key.ppk file
07. Load Puttygen.exe – load the ‘private_key.ppk and select Open
08. Enter the password, click OK
09. Once key is loaded, change type of key to generate option to DSA
10. Save private key as a new .ppk file
11. Next – Start pageant.exe – select Add Key
12. Open the new .ppk file – enter password click OK
13. Next open – putty.exe
14. Enter SSH Credentials, IP Address, Host Name, Connection Type – SSH, Port should be set to 18765
15. Click Open and the connection should be initiated
16. Upon your first login you need to save server host key in the cache.
17. Putty will then prompt you for your username, press enter

To remove the Wordfence.tmp files use the following command:

rm -f /home/put your customer username here/tmp/wordfence*