Unwanted PayPal Buttons!

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I’ve finally given in and installed the new WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin on one of our e-commerce sites despite the poor reviews. The old one was working perfectly fine, but PayPal have been pushing and pushing our customers to upgrade to the latest version.

I think the new PayPal plugin is a great improvement on previous versions and much more integrated into the site. The only downside is PayPal have designed it to display PayPal buttons and PayPal-related messages everywhere! – You now have PayPal buttons and messages showing on the cart page, the product pages and even the category pages. If you offer other payment gateways this makes PayPal way too visible across the site, to a customer it makes it look like you only offer a PayPal option for payments.

I can see why PayPal are working so hard to push this new plugin – it does give them a huge advantage over other payment gateways. The mission now, is to tame PayPal and remove some of these unwanted buttons and messages. As far as I could see there isn’t an option in the PayPal plugins settings to tone down the PayPal banners and buttons, so the only way I can see to do this is with CSS.

Please note this code below is based on my custom template, so you’ll need to modify this to work with other templates and structures. I’ve popped it here so it saves me time next I need to use it!

/* Hide PayPal */

#pageContent #ppcp-messages,
#woocommerceHolder #ppcp-messages,
#woocommerceHolder .summary #ppcp-messages,
#woocommerceHolder .summary .ppc-button-wrapper,
.woocommerce .cart_totals #ppcp-messages,
.woocommerce .cart_totals .ppc-button-wrapper,
.woocommerce #order_review #ppcp-messages
	display: none !important;