Ultimate FAQs WordPress Plugin

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Here are some tips on using Ultimate FAQ – WordPress FAQ and Accordion Plugin by Etoile Web Design, it’s a great FAQ plugin but these are a couple of bits I struggled with.

How to register the Premium Version on New Sites

First, you install the regular free version of Ultimate FAQ in WordPress, then you need to install the EWD Premium Helper Plugin which is available here, once installed, you can enter one of the license codes you received when you purchased the Premium version to activate the premium features of this plugin.

How to add Ultimate FAQ Short Code to a Page

To display Ultimate FAQs of a specific category to a post or page, use the following shortcode.

[ultimate-faqs include_category="permalink-of-faq-category"]

Ultimate FAQs – My Settings

These are my preferred display settings:


Functionality / FAQ Accordian – On

Display / Hide Categories – On


Group FAQs by Category – On

FAQ Ordering – Selected Order (Premium Option)


FAQ Display Style – Contemporary

Reveal Effect – Fade


Headings / Category Heading Type – h2

Headings / FAQ Heading Type – h3

Litte Bits of CSS I use for Ultimate FAQs

Here are some of the CSS overrides I use for Ultimate FAQs – in my main style.css file in WordPress.

/* Ultimate FAQ Plugin */

.ewd-ufaq-faqs h2 {
	display: none;

.ewd-ufaq-faqs {
	margin-top: 30px;

#mainpageHolder .ewd-ufaq-faq-title .ewd-ufaq-post-margin-symbol span {
display: inline-block;
font-size: 20px;
margin: 4px auto 0;

#mainpageHolder .ewd-ufaq-faqs h3 {
	color: #000;

#mainpageHolder .ewd-ufaq-faq-body {
	padding-bottom: 30px;