I started using Maya

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So far I’ve managed to keep to my mission of producing some new artwork and music in 2014! The plan has been to get up at 6am every morning – 6am to 8am every day is my time! The first project for me has been to start using Maya on the Mac. I’ve spent the best part of 2 weeks working through online tutorials (thank you Lynda.com!) It’s not a million miles away from using Studio Max but again it had been a while since I used that – almost 10 years! It shocks me how quickly time flies by. Anyway, my first animation is now online. I’ve called it Wood World Zero, because it’s simple polygonal shapes, texture mapped with various wood textures,  colour treated in Photoshop.

The Zero is because it’s got floaty bits like zero gravity.  Okay I’m rubbish at names! I’m already planning my next project which will be based around machines and experimenting with short looped sequences. Please click the image below for Wood World Zero.

Wood World Zero 1st Maya Animation