Siteground FTP Settings in Filezilla

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Siteground Hosting is absolutely fab, but recently we had an issue with uploads and downloads failing using Filezilla. We were getting a ‘421 Too Many Connections (8) from This IP Error’ in Filezilla. We tried to reduce and increase the default number of connections in Filezilla but the error persisted. The only solution we found (which was rubbish!) was to manually delete (flush) each of the blocked FTP connections in the Control Panel on our Siteground hosting account.

We finally fixed the problem by contacting Siteground support and were advised the following Filezilla settings and this fixed the 421 error for us.

Filezilla Settings for Siteground Web Hosting

1. Open Filezilla
2. Go to Sitemanager / Website / Transfer Settings
3. Make sure default is selected
4. Select limit number of simultaneous connections to 5
5. Go to Sitemanager / Website / General
6. Make sure Port is set to 21
7. Next to Encryption select – Only use plain FTP (insecure)
8. Click OK to save