Resetting WordPress Admin Password

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It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, you’re locked out of your WordPress site, you’ve forgotten your password, and you’ve no longer got access to your admin email address. It’s happened to us recently with one of our customers, fortunately it’s possible to reset your admin password with phpMyAdmin!

Hopefully you’ve got access to your WordPress database, if you can’t access the database then you really are doomed!

Here’s how to reset your WordPress Admin password using phpMyAdmin

1. Log into your WordPress database via phpMyAdmin
2. Find ‘Users’ in the database, select, ‘browse’ to find the user you want to edit
3. Under the password for the user, delete the existing encrypted password
4. Select MD5 from the Function drop down menu – and enter a new password
5. Click ‘Go’ at the bottom, this will add and encrypt your updated password
6. Login with your brand new admin password!