Plugins, Presets, Sample Locations on Mac OSX

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Struggling to find folder locations for samples, presets and plugins on your Mac? Here’s my growing list of folder locations for audio files, samples, plugins and presets on Mac OSX. Please note these work on my computer, may not work with every version of OSX.

Native Instruments Massive – User Sounds

MAC HD / Users / Your Username / Documents / Native Instruments / Massive / Favorites

Arturia Presets

MAC HD / Library / Arturia / Presets / CZ

Removing Arturia Instruments

To completely uninstall an Arturia plugin from a MAC computer, please delete the following folders & files if available :

U-HE Instruments

U-he Presets

MAC HD / Library / Audio / Presets / u-he /

Wavetables (HIVE2)

MAC HD / Library / Application Support / u-he / Hive / Wavetables