Oh my goodness it’s 2022!

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It’s that time again, time to prepare and set the New Years Resolutions in place for the coming 2022!
Pedley New Years Resolutions 2022!Nobody can accuse me of ripping up the template, or messing with my tried (or should that be tired?) and tested formula and starting afresh each year – it’s slow and steady Pedley as always. The last couple of years have been overshadowed by the naughty Covid and possibly this coming year won’t be any different. Let’s hope 2022 brings some positive light at the end of the tunnel, and most importantly lots of creative opportunities!

New Years Resolutions 2022!

So here we go, the Pedley New Years Resolutions for 2022. I also like to think of these as an ambitious plan of action for the coming year. For easy reference, these are separated by category.

Pedley Music

I’m excited about pushing ahead with the music in 2022, both with the instrumental tracks and musical collaborations. On the instrumental front, I’ll be trying to speed up my workflow, creating more background music for my sci-fi, fantasy, and horror-themed book videos, and possibly for some new artist video features for This-Is-Cool. Some of these short electronic tracks I’ll develop into full tracks for release as the 120 Project. I’m still playing with the idea of putting some of the best tracks together as a mini-album/EP. I think this was something I also planned last year, which never quite happened… (an unfortunate recurring theme!).

More musical collaborations! – I’m looking forward to doing some new music and creating more songs with Nina (on our ongoing Gorgeous Creatures project). I’d also like to work on some smaller, one-off projects with other vocalists/songwriters as 120 Project. My major challenge will be finding the singers to work with, my current approach of waiting for singers to come to me hasn’t worked – so I’m going to jump out of my comfort zone and start stalking/approaching singers. ‘Yes, officer, looking back that was probably an unfortunate choice of wording.’

The Sci-Fi Blogs

It’s been a fab year for my two sci-fi blogs with good growth on the social media channels, in particular on Facebook. YouTube has been a bit slow, but I’ll be aiming to push more video content in the new year, with some new artist features and hopefully more frequent book videos. It’s great to write about this stuff, as when I talk to Lou about it, her eyes glaze over and she quickly changes the subject. I have to pretend anyone reading this, is hanging on my every word, “please tell me more about your super interesting blogs, Mister Pedley….”. Yes, I know this is a silly hobby and I should be doing something a bit more worthwhile with my time. Yeah Right – what could be ‘more cool’ than looking at loads of amazing sci-fi art and making electronic backing music for book videos?

Web Design (The Day Job)

We’ve been so busy building websites this year, we’ve neglected the poor Pedleyonline website. So my mission for 2022, is to give it some TLC, add some new content, and freshen it up a bit. Another thing I completely missed this current year (and the last 2 years!) was targeting the local South Birmingham area, so this will be carried forth to our 2022 worklist! (and possibly again in 2023).

Learn New Stuff

I’ve just copied this from last year – Learn how to use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Blender (3d Software). Start using the Wacom Tablet that’s been sitting on my desk for the last 4 years! – I’d also like to add, learning how to use a green screen – I have a green blanket I purchased from Amazon, that’s been sitting in a plastic bag for almost a year. If I don’t do anything else I’m going to take it out of the bag and iron it.

Personal Resolutions

I’m probably being hard on myself with my un-resolved New Years Resolutions, you can’t do everything! However, there are some things I must try to do in 2022.

1. Drive more, I’ve driven less this last year than I did the year before… which is quite an achievement (not in a good way). The only downside of driving is having to leave the house…

2. Get out more! – I spend too long sitting indoors and not going out. I will try to get out more in 2022!

3. Change my LinkedIn photo! (…Hello, I was expecting someone a bit younger and with hair)

4. Speak to my friends – I’ve been absolutely rubbish at keeping in touch this year, that’s going to change.

5. Be healthier and do more exercise – we bought iWatches this year to improve our fitness. That lasted a month or so, then the excuses started, ‘it’s a bit too warm to walk the dog’, ‘it’s a bit too wet for the dog, she’ll get all muddy’, ‘…the dog looks nice and comfy on the sofa’. Even my watch has given up encouraging me now.

6. Send Christmas Cards this Year – I just want to apologise to everyone who knows me that didn’t get a card – I will get my cards out on the 1st December 2022, I promise!

7. Spend more time with my lovely family (I’m guessing this should be right at the top and not at the bottom) – Or perhaps I saved the best till last?

As is customary each year, to anyone who reads this – Happy New Year! …and to these resolutions – I’m sure I’ll see most of you again in 2023!