Max Mega Menu Plugin Tips

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I’ll start adding some tips to this page for using the Max Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress. This is a great plugin but here are a few tips to make like a little easier.

Styling the current selected menu item

By default, the Max Mega Menu plugin uses the hover formatting to style the currently selected item. If you add the following CSS code to the Custom styling panel – Max Mega Menu / Menu Themes / Custom Styling – you can create a new style for the selected menu item. For more information, you can visit the official Max Mega Menu support page here.

#{$wrap} #{$menu} > li.mega-menu-item {
    &.mega-current-page-ancestor {
         > a.mega-menu-link {
              background: red;
              color: white;
              font-weight: bold;
              text-decoration: underline;