Maschine MK3 – Getting Started Guide

3d Animation

Maschine Basics

When you first start using Maschine Mk3, it’s important to understand the basic building units for creating tracks. The essential components and building blocks in Maschine are:
Groups – these are essentially the tracks or instruments of your song. A group can be a single instrument, a Kit spread across multiple pads or a group of instruments.
Patterns – are the musical notes, midi information or rhythm patterns you’ve recorded. Patterns are the bottom level in the song creation process.
Scenes – These are the sections of the song made up of patterns, think of scenes as the building blocks of a song, eg. intro, verse or chorus.

Starting a NEW Project

Use FILE button on Controller
Select NEW Project


Press Button 1 until PROJECTS appears
Press Button 4 To Select USER Projects
Use 4-D Encoder to Choose Project
Press Button 8 to LOAD Project



Select a Group Button – Press BROWSER
Use the right selector to choose sub type – Kits / Loops / Multi FX
Load Selected KIT by pressing Button 8


Use SHIFT + FILE – Save Project

Basic Pattern Recording

SHIFT + TAP – Metronome On / Off
TEMPO – Use 4-D Encoder to change tempo
PLAY / STOP – Start / Stop Playback
REC – press this when in playback mode to Record
Hold down MUTE + Drum Pad to mute sound
Hold down SOLO + Drum Pad to solo sound

NOTE REPEAT – Hold down NOTE REPEAT + Drum Pad to repeat sound
Use buttons 5,6,7,8 to adjust note repeat value

SHIFT + Pad 1 Undo – Undo last action
SHIFT + Pad 2 Redo – Redo last action