Logic Pro – Top Tips

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Top tips for a faster workflow in Logic Pro X

Some tips I found online to help speed up my Logic Pro X workflow.

Logic Workspace

Resizing the track view – using the keyboard or mouse
Use Command + Arrow Keys to resize the tracks horizontally and vertically.
Use Option + Mouse Up and Down, Left and Right to resize the track view

Transport Controls

Spacebar – Play / Stop
Return – Resets to start of Song
CCycle mode on / off
K – Metronome – Click – On / Off
Option – Command – N – Open New Track
USet Locators to Selected Part / Region

Track Editing

Use Shift – Option – N – To rename the track and the parts on the track
Use Shift + N – to rename the selected part
Use Option + Arrow Keys – To nudge notes, audio and parts
Use Shift + Option + Up and Down arrows to shift notes up or down an octave
Use Shift + \ – to extend selected note to the end of the bar (forced Legato)
Use – Command + R – to repeat Section or Part
Use Jto join selected parts
Option + drag to create a copy of anything
EOpen Audio / Midi Editor for selected part / track
H – Hide Tracks
T – Open up Tool Selector

Audio Editing

Ctrl + Shift + R – Reverse Selected Audio File in Track Window


A – Open Automation View
Use Shift + Control – when you’ve selected 2 points to create an automation curve.

Move Parameter in Plugin – Command + L – Move Controller – Learn Mode

Using Colour

Use Option – C – to open colour palette
Use Shift – Option – C – to add colour to whole track


X – Open Mixer
Copy Mixer Settings – Option – Command – C – copies mixer settings
Paste Mixer Settings – Option – Command – V – pastes mixer settings

Keyboard Short Cuts and Preferences

Display – Set to Custom to show Cycle, Start and End Points


Shift + SpacebarPlay from Selection

Cmd+Shift+’,’ or ‘.’ – move cycle loop back and forward

‘,’ – Move 1 bar left
‘.’ – Move 1 bar right
/Enter Position to Move Play head

Shift + Select – To Select Multiple Tracks
Alt + Click Region – To bring up Audio and Step Editor for a region

Cmd + ArrowsResize Track window
Cmd + 2Show / Hide – Audio Mixer
Cmd + 4 Piano Roll for selected track
Cmd + 6Audio Editor for selected track
Cmd + W – Close Window

iShow / Hide Instrument Inspector

ZZoom in on specific track(s)

MMute whole track
Ctrl + MMute selected region of a track

SSolo whole track
Ctrl + SSolo selected region of a track

Opt + Cmd + KStep Entry Keyboard