Google G-Suite SPF and DKIM Records on Siteground

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If you have a domain pointing at Siteground web hosting and your emails are with Google G-Suite you may need to add an additional SPF and DKIM record to ensure your emails are delivered correctly. This step isn’t always necessary but if you have outgoing emails blocked or not delivered that were sent from your Google G-Suite mailbox this should fix the issue. Read more on Siteground.

Google G-Suite SPF Record

Replacing the default Siteground SPF Record

Go to Siteground / Site Tools / Emails / Authentication



Setting your DKIM Record to Google

DKIM is an email authentication method used to prevent email spoofing

In Google G-Suite Admin Console

1. Get your DKIM key from your Admin console in Google Workshop.

2. Go to Apps / Google Workspace / Gmail

3. Click Authenticate email

4. Select the domain and click Generate new record. A DNS TXT record will be generated

5. On Siteground add the new DKIM record

6. Site Tools / Domain / DNS Zone Editor / TXT record.

7. After adding the DKIM TXT DNS record in Siteground click on Start Authentication in your Admin console in Google Workspace

8. It can take up to 72 hours to propagate and take effect

9. After that, your mail will be handled exclusively by Google Workspace