G Suite / Business Gmail Email Forwarding

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Settings to forward from one email address to another using G Suite / Google Business Email. This uses the routing facility to perform email forwarding in Google Mail.

In The Admin Section of your Google G-Suite Account

First select Users

In the Users list, find the user you want to add the forwarder too.

Click the user’s name to open their account page.

Click User information and then Alternate email addresses (email aliases).

Click Alternate email and enter the new email forwarder address / alias (the part of the address that appears before the @ sign).

Then click on Save

Method 2 – if you need to forward to multiple users 

In The Admin Section of your Google Business Account 

Go to Apps / G Suite / Gmail / Default Routing / Add setting.

Under recipient, input the Email Address to forward from

Scroll down and next to the ‘Also deliver to option‘ check the box and then click on Add.

There enter the Email Address you’d like to forward to

Also select the very last option – Perform this on recognised and non-recognised addresses.

Then click on Save