Cropping and Cutting Shapes in Illustrator

3d Animation

This is so I don’t forget how to do this! – if you ever need to cut or crop one shape away from another in Adobe Illustrator this is the easiest way I’ve found to do it. For this, we use the Pathfinder Tool.

1. First make sure you have the Pathfinder Toolkit active – if it’s not visible – Window / Pathfinder and select

2. Select the object you want to crop or cut (object 1)

3. Then select the second shape (object 2) you want to use to cut out of object 1 (the shape you want to cut!)

4. Using the Pathfinder tool, select the minus front option.

5. That’s it, object 2 should now be subtracted from object 1!

minus front option

Hopefully, this will still make sense when I need to do this again!