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This Is Cool started out as a test project for me to learn how to use WordPress. Now some 16 months later, it’s still going! My geek refuge after a long day creating builders and electricians websites. If you get a chance please visit – and also pop onto the this-is-cool facebook page and drop me a like!

I’ve always loved science fiction, fantasy and horror art and now I’m addicted and just can’t stop posting on it.

Over the last year and a half I’ve featured over a hundred great sci-fi, fantasy and horror artists, designers, photographers and cosplayers and it’s been totally inspiring. It’s a real pleasure as a designer to work with the great imagery of sci-fi and horror movies and this-is-cool has been the ticket to do just that. Alongside the fantastic artwork featured on the site I include trailers and other sci-fi, fantasy and horror news. There’s also my extremely short reviews of movies which is my excuse to talk about the films I’ve caught at the cinema or at home on DVD.

As this has taken up a lot of my spare time and I love it, I feel it should be part of and I’ve added a link to the footer of the site. You’ll also notice I always refer to myself as we and us…that’s because there’s a whole team of us working away in my head!