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The latest updates and news from Bromsgrove based artist, designer and musician Brian Pedley.

New for 2024 – An Electronic Instrumental – DropZone

A new electronic instrumental track for 2024! ‘DropZone’ by 120 Project.

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The Experiment by Gorgeous Creatures!

A new electronic track ‘The Experiment’ by Gorgeous Creatures!

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Oh my goodness it’s 2022!

It’s that time again, time to prepare and set the New Years Resolutions in place for the coming 2022!

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Glitch – New Electronic Instrumental

Glitch started out as an instrumental track I created for This-Is-Cool

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Cold Blooded – New Track + Video

Cold Blooded is the first of a bunch of new electronic instrumental tracks I’ve been working on.

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Watching You – New Sci-Fi Instrumental Track

Another science fiction inspired electronic instrumental idea.

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Con-Sequence – New Instrumental Demo

This is an extension of one of the sci-fi themed tracks I created for a book video for This-Is-Cool.

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Hello Gorgeous Creatures!

In a rare second blog post in one year, I’m pleased to report I’ve finally got the new Gorgeous Creatures website finished and online Read more

2021 – Here We Go!

I’m not sure if people still make New Years Resolutions? – but I love the idea of starting the year fresh, with ambitious plans, exciting challenges, and new hopes! Read more

Dark Orbit – New Electronic Sci-Fi Instrumental

New electronic composition I’ve been working on this week. Pushing myself to finish tracks without tweaking everything to death.

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Enigma Machine Pt2 – New Instrumental

First of the new stuff for 2019 – Enigma Machine Pt2 a work in progress.

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120 Project is now on Spotify!

We’ll we’re into March and I’m pleased to report I can now cross off my list ‘learning to Drive!’  I’ve also made a pretty good start to the year with the music and finished a couple of new tracks. Read more