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The latest updates and news from Bromsgrove based artist, designer and musician Brian Pedley.

Oh my goodness it’s 2022!

It’s that time again, time to prepare and set the New Years Resolutions in place for the coming 2022! Read more

Hello Gorgeous Creatures!

In a rare second blog post in one year, I’m pleased to report I’ve finally got the new Gorgeous Creatures website finished and online Read more

2021 – Here We Go!

I’m not sure if people still make New Years Resolutions? – but I love the idea of starting the year fresh, with ambitious plans, exciting challenges, and new hopes! Read more

120 Project is now on Spotify!

We’ll we’re into March and I’m pleased to report I can now cross off my list ‘learning to Drive!’  I’ve also made a pretty good start to the year with the music and finished a couple of new tracks. Read more

New Years Resolution(s)

Welcome to 2019 – almost a Month in and I’ve finally made some changes to the website – New Years Resolution No.1 Complete! Focus on the site has now shifted to the music, web design and sci-fi nonsense. Read more

I started using Maya

So far I’ve managed to keep to my mission of producing some new artwork and music in 2014! The plan has been to get up at 6am every morning – 6am to 8am every day is my time! Read more

My Sci-Fi Fantasy Art Blog!

This Is Cool started out as a test project for me to learn how to use WordPress. Now some 16 months later, it’s still going! Read more

Scream Horror Website

The Scream Horror website project came directly from the website. Luckily for me the editor of the excellent Scream Horror Magazine, Richard Cooper, got in touch after seeing it. Read more

The all NEW Brian Pedley Artist

Okay, well it’s not quite a brand new but it’s the new WordPress version – complete with all the old stuff! A lot has changed over the last couple of years Read more