Adobe After Effects CC – Essential Training

3d Animation

These are my own personal notes on learning Adobe After Effects CC.

Common Terms

Key Frame – Sets a specific event at a specific time.
Codec – this is used to compress and decompress video files.
Render – Taking a video / project and turning it into a finished exportable file
Alpha Channel – Is the 4th channel after RGB, that determines transparency – often used for titles and graphics.
Masking / Green Screen – removes background of an object / figure allowing you to process and work around the masked area, both in front and behind the object. This masked object is also known as a composite.
Rotoscoping – Draws around an object / figure. This takes and object out of the background to allow additional processing.
Tracking – Single Point Tracking follows an object around the screen. Camera Tracking is fixed and a software view of a camera lense.

Getting Started on the iMac

Make sure the Function keys are set to perform standard functions in General Settings / Keyboard. You can still use the Function Keys to control volume etc. by using the Function Shift Key (bottom left of keyboard) + the required F Key.