Pedley Info

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to talk about myself, welcome to the Brian Pedley Info page! – Here you’ll find out a bit more about my background as an artist, musician and illustrator. Also my experience as a self employed web and graphic designer working from home here in Bromsgrove. I spend almost all my time now designing and developing websites (and not just drinking tea) and when I do get a spare moment I’ll write posts for my geeky sci-fi fantasy art blogs and, which were originally created to learn WordPress but have now become a bit of an unhealthy obsession! I still love tinkering with my synthesizers and under the working name of the One Twenty Project I intend to include new musical compositions, doodles and songs via SoundCloud. I’ve purchased an Intuos graphics tablet and I’m keen to experiment with some digital painting and more 3d animation. Click here for the extended version!