4K Video Export Settings on Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Here are the settings I use for exporting 4K video from Adobe Premiere Pro CC to upload to YouTube. The original 4K video was filmed on an Iphone X.

Adobe Premier Pro CC – Under Sequence Settings:
Editing Mode: Custom
Timebase: 23.976 frames/secondVideoFrame Size: horizontal 3840, vertical 2160 – 16:9
Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)
Display Format: 23.976 fps Timecode


Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

Video Previews

Preview File Format: I-Frame Only MPEG
Width: 1920
Height: 1080

Adobe Premier Pro CC – Export Settings:

I use these setting for exporting 4K Video 3840 x 2160 to YouTube.

Export Settings

Format: H.264
Preset: Custom


3840×2160 (1.0) 23.976 fps, Progressive
VBR, 2 Pass, Target 100.00 Mbps, Max 100.00 Mbps
AAC, 320 Kps, 48 Khz, Stereo

Video – Basic Video Settings (Match Source)

Width: 3,840
Height: 2,160
Frame Rate: 23.976
Field Order: Progressive
Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)

Bitrate Settings – Important to get these right!

Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass
Target Bitrate (Mbps): 100.00
Maximum Bitrate (Mbps): 100.00

Click Export to Finish.