2021 – Here We Go!

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I’m not sure if people still make New Years Resolutions? – but I love the idea of starting the year fresh, with ambitious plans, exciting challenges, and new hopes!
Gorgeous Creatures 2021

Hello Gorgeous Creatures

Probably the less said about 2020 the better, but it’s been a good year creatively with the start of a new musical project with vocalist and songwriter, Nina Santini. We’ve been writing under the name ‘Gorgeous Creatures’ and it’s an eclectic mix of synthesizers, sampled instruments, and electronic drums, set against the beating heart of Nina’s soulful vocals, lyrics, and words.

We have a bunch of songs and tracks we intend to start releasing into the wild in early January, along with a new website (which I still need to build!). Pedley from the future here – the new website is www.gorgeouscreatures.co.uk.

New Years Resolutions 2021!

As is traditional this time of year, I’m putting together my New Year’s Resolutions which will include my plans and hopes for the coming year. As always, I think by committing these to the web, it will make them more likely to happen, but as anyone who reads this blog (I know who I am) will realise this is definitely not the case.

Without further delay, here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2021, separated neatly under little headings.


Set up a new website and media channels for Gorgeous Creatures, start sharing our music and continue working on new songs with Nina. I’d also like to bring together some instrumental tracks I’ve been working on for the past couple of years as 120 Project. These have been little musical doodles and ideas I’ve put together for book videos and I’d quite like to finish a selection of these and create a mini compilation album of sci-fi inspired electronic music. Ongoing plans with the music also include improving my workflow, learning how to use various bits of software, and most important of all – finishing stuff!

Sci-Fi Blogs

I spend a crazy amount of time working on my two sci-fi blogs and I’m going to make a special effort to push the social media elements of these in 2021. In particular, I’d really like to promote the SciFiFantasyHorror YouTube channel with more frequent videos and content – this is also a sneaky excuse to unleash more of the Pedley (120 Project) music out there.

Web Design

We have to pay for all of this, so I’m going to continue to work hard building those websites! – I’ve neglected Pedleyonline a bit, so I could do with giving this a slight refresh and update the portfolio as it’s missing quite a few of the more recent jobs. I’m also going to look at targeting the local South Birmingham areas. Eagle-eyed blog watchers will remember this was also in my 2019 News Years Resolutions – oops!

New Skills

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Blender (3d Software). Start using the Wacom Tablet that’s been sitting on my desk for the last 3 years!


Other resolutions in no particular order, drive more, change my LinkedIn profile photo (the current one is over 12 years old and has hair!), blog more, get out more, keep taking vitamins, spend more time with my family, work harder at keeping in touch with friends….. don’t catch Covid.

To anyone who reads this – Happy New Year! …and to these resolutions – see you again in 2022!